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Why software engineering?

I've read a lot of pros and cons to being a software engineer. The good things being:

  1. They make good money
  2. Some have the option of working remotely
  3. There's a high demand for software engineers

So, of course, I did my research and found ways to start my journey there. I felt and still feel that this is a journey I and anyone can embark. As long as patience, persistence and the drive to put in the work is there, I should be at a good start.

I went straight into learning some of the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript via free online courses. Not too long after, I figured why not apply to a couple of coding bootcamps where I can find some sort of structure with my learning, which I felt I needed. I've been hungry for a change in my focus of learning and software engineering snatched my attention immediately. From then on, I knew it had to be my next move.

My question for any developers out there reading this is, what made you want to become what you are today? How did you prepare for your journey?

[ If possible, can anyone provide tips for learning how to use GitHub? I feel very weird and out of place having my work pushed there and not knowing exactly how to make use of it! ]

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Nicolas de Mauroy • Edited

Well, being born in the late 70s, computers were the future back then, and I became completely passionate with the possibilities they offered, and this despite the fact computers at that time were clumsy.

So I started developing very early, I remember showing my programs to my fellow students in early college years. From then, I just wanted to do as much development as possible, as there is a very special pleasure from building things that I feel when developing. Getting this feeling is probably the most important.