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WordPress Monthly Dev Digest #019

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Originally posted on my website on June 30th 2020

WordPress June in short.

In June there were two releases of the Block editor. Gutenberg 9.3, among other things, brought padding controls for the cover block and a link color control was added to the paragraph, heading, group, columns, and media&text blocks. Both these options are optional and need to be enabled using the add_theme_support function. It also added a parent block selector to the block controls.

Gutenberg 8.4 introduced amazing image editing tools to rotate and crop images as well as control aspect ratio, zoom level, and position. It also comes with multi block controls allowing you to select multiple blocks of the same type and change their attributes all at once. Plus you can now install block plugins from the block directory directly from the editor's block inserter.

The core team also announced they will be upgrading to the latest version of jQuery over the next couple of releases. There is a feature plugin available if you need to test your themes and plugins against these updates.

And finally the month June was also host to the WordCamp Europe 2020 (online) conference with some amazing speakers. If you missed it you can check out these streams: Friday Track 1, Track 2 and Saturday Track 1, Track 2. And the Conversation between Matt Mullenweg and Matías Ventura.







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Stay safe and have a great Juli.

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