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Introducing Modzy's AI Hackathon

Hi Everyone!
My name is Ray and I'm the lead software architect over at Modzy. I'm excited to share that we have kicked off our Modzy AI Hackathon!

What is Modzy?

Created by developers for developers, Modzy is an MLOps platform for data scientists and developers to deploy, integrate, run and monitor AI models at scale.

We have written Modzy as an API-first product, and provide extensive documentation for developers to familiarize themselves with Modzy's capabilities.

For further ease of use and integration, we've released a number of open source SDKs in Java, Python, JavaScript, and Go, and certainly welcome any and all contributions that may arise through their use in the competition.

The Hackathon

The competition runs through December 1, 2021. Hack together the best AI-powered app, bot, integration, library, or other solution using Modzy’s APIs and SDKs, and you could win a piece of the $25K prize pool, a chance to meet with our judges, and more! Submissions will be judged on the technical implementation, use of Modzy, potential value, and quality of the idea. Join the Modzy community and put your development skills to the test by registering here. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing what you build!

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David Wayne

Ayy, Modzy looks pretty cool ;)