(idea) Link dev.to to twitter, answer a twitter post and it comment on dev.to

vasilvestre profile image Valentin Silvestre ・1 min read

Hey guys,

What do you think about it ?
Just an idea I had when I saw the post from @ben got so many responses on twitter ( at least, more than dev.to post)

Example :
Dev.to twitter post "What is your routine for staying fit and healthy?" on twitter, people answer the post and the response is written on dev.to comment

Thanks :)


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I know where you're coming from with this. I have mixed feelings relating to how this could affect the community dynamic. I'll take this suggestion as a chance to think about it more.

Any additional comments or tangential thoughts are welcome.

Thanks for the post, Valentin.


I think people might start replying to headlines vs content. That's a large issue in journalism and media as is and this might make that a bigger problem on here as well.


Thanks for the awesome work Ben :) !