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Looking to Partner With Open-source Maintainers

vbordo profile image Victor Bordo twitter logo ・1 min read

Hey! I recently got accepted to YC's Startup School. I'm exploring different ways for OSS maintainers to sustain their projects financially. The current concept is DevFlight. Right now I'm looking for open-source maintainers (preferably working on infrastructure projects) who are interested in partnering with me. If you're a maintainer/significant contributor and you'd like to chat, please send along your email via this signup form. General feedback in the comments section is also appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Hi Victor, congratulations!

About how OSS maintainers sustain the projects...

Henry Zhu @hzoo , maintainer of Babel.jsm is vocal about sustainability in open source projects, check his latest post:

Evan You, maintainer of Vue.js, recently shared his story about becoming a full time dev on Vue through Patreon contributions.

Both aren't infrastructure projects but I'm sure you can take away something from their experiences.

Good luck!


Thanks @rhymes this is helpful. I'm very curious to read about their experiences. Definitely still open to chatting with non-infrastructure based OSS project maintainers if you're interested @hzoo !


@ben starts a weekly 'looking for open source contributors' post. Here's the one from last week -- maybe you can ask some of the folks there :)


Great suggestion, thanks so much Jess!


Good luck, I hope you find some great insights. You're more than welcome to publish some of these learnings back here as you go!


Thanks Ben. I'll definitely contribute back!


I have created a project directory for projects whose authors are looking for maintainers.
Here is the link:

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