How can you convince your manager to start embracing DevOps?

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You have recently joined a software-powered company where they don't practice DevOps practices. Your manager and management are of old-fashioned and still follow the old methodologies. So, in this case, How do you convince your manager that DevOps is essential and should be embraced to survive in this competitive environment?

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Make sure you understand their priorities and success criteria. That will allow you to identify what matters to them.
Find opportunities to talk to them about how DevOps practices can make their life easier or fulfill success criteria earlier.

Once you have their endorsement, propose a PoC to demonstrate concrete result.


Presentations and case studies?

Also, in general: don't try to introduce everything at once, you will encounter resistance.

Find one practice you feel it's going to improve the quality or cut down any expensive resource (time, manpower, etc.) and argue about its merits.


In my experience, the best way to convince somebody is by example. Salespeople now it! Reports, Statistics, White Papers are only helpful after the "customer" can see the benefit of the product/service you're selling.

So here's a suggestion. Spin up a docker instance of Jenkins or your preferred CI/CD and implement a build in it. Nothing fancy, but enough to show them how time can be saved. Contrast it with the current process. Speak their "language", tell them how the automation will give back more free time for other more important development and operations tasks. It will translate into money figures in their minds.


Makes sense.

Going by this, I may not even have to use the word DevOps and it would work just fine.


This is directly copied from my Reddit posts from here: reddit.com/r/devops/comments/7tt2u.... Guys, when you copy something, give credits to the original author or creator. That is common sense.


First things first, asking opinionated questions doesn't equate to content. I don't know what others think of it.

I wanted to get more answers to the question.
Also, questions need not be original nor it makes anyone its author or creator.

I am sure this might have helped you get more answers.


You know there goes a lot of effort in creating something original and hope you understand that. Then what I can do is copy all the questions from Reddit and paste it here making this a spammy non-original platform. How's that?
All I am saying is, you can give a background of this story, where it was posted and stuff like that.
I still hope you understand this.

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