How long have you stayed at a job where you were happy?

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Let's flip the perspective on Ben's earlier post...

Granted not every day can be sunshine and lollipops, but let's hear some stories of contentment.

How long have you stayed at a job where you were happy?

For those currently in a "happy place", what keeps you there?

For those who chose to move on from a good workplace, what drove that decision?

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I'm approaching 11 years with my current employer; however, I've made 3 lateral moves to stave off "boredom". I first joined the university's IT consulting group as a back-end web developer. Then, I was reassigned to information systems due to organizational change (little code, more operations). Most recently, I jumped to a dev-friendly "applied IT" role in the library.

Working in the public sector, I may not deal with cutting-edge, awe-inspiring projects, but there's something to be said for a steady pay check, great work-life balance, low stress, education/tuition discounts, and the opportunity to work with an interesting cross-section of non-tech people.


Happiness is a choice. So does decision to stay or leave your current job.

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