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Vincent Grovestine
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To-do list app recommendations

Today, TechCrunch reported Microsoft to finally shut down to do list app Wunderlist on May 6, 2020. It was only a matter of time before Microsoft pulled the plug on Wunderlist following its 2015 acquisition.

As a dedicated Wunderlist user, however; now what...?

After trying a handful of options many years ago, I settled on Wunderlist thanks to its simplicity. It has enough features to do the job and never felt like its process got in the way.

What are other folks using for reminders and to keep themselves on task?

My basic requirements:

  • List format; not cards, not workflows.
  • Dirt-simple status indicators: To-do, in-progress, done, favourite.
  • Reminder and/or due date notification.
  • IFTTT or Zapier integration.
  • OS agnostic; either PWA or cross-platform. (aka: Linux support)

Otherwise, I'm going back to pen and paper! :)

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kenadams9922 profile image

I used to write down my notes and make it into a reminder journal, but it became too much work, especially when I'm outside.
Not much of a fan of the "big apps", they're all pretty pricey and can be quite messy sometimes.
As a person who strives for simplicity, Quire's minimalism works best for me. Not sure if this is what you prefer, but maybe you can give it a try.
If not, then I think you can check out lists for project management softwares
I downloaded many apps from this list.

olivier32621338 profile image
Olivier Chauvin

Absolutely love Quire!
Our team uses it for our projects and so far its been going very well.
I love their offline syncing feature, makes everything so much easier.

cristinaruth profile image
Cristina Ruth

I've struggled with this and have tried so many apps that I gave up and went back to pen and paper using the bullet journal method.

So far, so good - been using it for 2 months and ticks all your boxes above. Just needs some upfront planning at the start of the month/week and check the TODOs daily to see what I have for today.

vgrovestine profile image
Vincent Grovestine Author

My wife keeps a bullet journal. It works for her, but the setup is too much overhead for me. (Call it laziness or instant gratification.)

I find a basic steno notebook with daily bulleted lists does the trick for quick workday tasks, and a personal kanban board made with sticky notes handles the longer duration stuff.

cristinaruth profile image
Cristina Ruth

That's basically what I do - I just applied the concepts of future log, monthly spreads and weekly spreads from bullet journaling.

I can't make it artsy (like a bunch you see under bullet journaling) coz I already don't have a lot of time and I'm lazy as well. 😁

chumburidzegio profile image
Giorgi Chumburidze • Edited on

I personally tried really a lot of apps but so far google calendars reminders have been the best, it's part of the app that I anyway use daily and its easy to use + really like the design. Bigger things I keep in notes for which I use Dropbox Paper. So there are tasks in progress for the current day and as a todo list, I put tasks in future dates.

standingdreams profile image
Douglas Rogers • Edited on

Todoist seems to be the best tool to fit your needs. I know this may not meet one of your specifications (It's only available for MacOS) but Things app has been great to me. The next best thing is TickTick. It has a webapp, so basically it is. Notion is also a great tool but a tad "hammer on a baby toy" for a simple To-do app replacement, IMO. But it also has a webapp.

maharvey2 profile image
Mark Harvey

I am a Todoist and Notion person. I got different lists for work projects and generally being alive.

dennislwm profile image

This todo app checks most of your list:

In addition: Open-source

P/S I'm not the author, but I have it in my list of apps to download and use.

mjsarfatti profile image
Manuele J Sarfatti

I've been using, it's a sort of minimal digital bullet journal very well made. It doesn't have notifications but it's worth a look!