Is it worth to switch from Medium to Dev.to?

vguleaev profile image Vladislav Guleaev ・1 min read

I want to continue make posts about programming. More like tutorials. Medium was ok for that, but there is Dev.to. I want to ask you about advantages of this platform and how popular is it nowdays?


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I'd say it's worth it if you're really trying to share knowledge. The paywall on Medium is a threat to sharing knowledge but not a threat to social media however.

I think Medium is perfectly fine for those who will opt in to the service. Medium is a larger company and has a wider consumer base. And that woks for them.

Dev.to, on the other hand, offers a forum specifically for developers of all kinds with no paywall.

Additionally, if I'm looking for information about topic x (like your excellent Dockerize a Node.js app connected to MongoDb article recently), I'm likely to find it anyway by doing a google search whether it's hosted on medium or dev.to.

my 2 cents :D


I don't see the harm in posting on both 😄


Medium now charges money and thats sux
The only thing is that in dev.to you cant open a publication and have writers publish through your publication
Im not sure if im using the right terms here but i think you understand what i mean...


Any opinions? :)