What is the best free project management software?

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My team has 8 people, we work remotely most of the time, we have to track our projects closely on daily basis.

Our team exists based on the university funding, so we cannot afford some high-end solutions like Asana or Omnifocus or Wrike.

We have some people who are NOT tech savvy AT ALL, which means we need to find a solution that is easy to use without a steep learning curve.

We don't need Gantt Chart, task dependency or timer. We just need a good tool to collaborate with each other.

Any recommendations?

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Give Quire a peek. It's is a great project management software. You can add individual task and also include sub-tasks. There's no limit to how many tasks you add. I really enjoy Quire's tree list view. You can drag and drop tasks around to different branches.

I used a lot of different online digital task management tools before. Adding just some several tasks every day and closing them off throughout the day gives me a great sense of accomplishment!

Enjoy your day!


I second this.

My team has been using Asana for a while but then the pricing has been a problem for us, given the fact that there are not so many unique features in Asana that are actually worth the price.

We've made some researches and finally ended up with Quire.

Love it since then! The infinite task list is definitely adoring :) Highly recommend!


Thank you so much! Quire seems like the perfect fit for my team.

I love the tree view, I will definitely explore more about this tool.

One of my team member is a GTD diehard and she found this blog post on Quire about how to set up GTD method, we can't wait to explore more!


Never saw this tool before, I love the tree view and how easy it is to modify the task list!


Have you tried Trello. It's pretty simple and has a free version. You can track tasks across boards which should help you see where things are at. you could create a board per project.

As a cheaper alternative to the products above you could try Dozillo it has more robust time tracking features than Trello and offers cheaper pricing than Asana and wrike etc.


Love Trello. Used it for years. Matches big corporate Kanban methods with great add-ons.


We tried Trello but we need the task list view, which Trello doesn't have :(


Dozillo has a task list view within projects and has individual task lists from each team member. Dozillo also plans, schedules and tracks your tasks for you based on the time you allocate to them. This makes it easier to manage projects and avoid missing deadlines or going over budget. It's not free unfortunately but its base price includes 5 users


I agree, Trello is easy to use and free. I work a lot of startups, and using Trello always seems to work well.


I'm a huge fan of ClickUp. It has a very generous free plan.



I have been using this the past two weeks, along with a bunch of timing utilities. I figured that if I can accurately time how long it takes me to accomplish tasks, I will take my estimation game to the next level!

Except that's not how it went down. All those timer apps were pretty much a waste, they involved far too much manual effort and integrated poorly with project management systems. ClickUp has been great for managing my projects though, I might even see if I can contribute some integrations!


gonna give it a try
my team kinda need this kind of thing


Thank you for this awesome tool! <3 Definitely recommend it.


What do you mean by project management software? Do you need a holistic solution where you have one application? Do you want some tools which help your planning like a (digital) kanban-board, a software to track time etc.?

We just need a good tool to collaborate with each other

How does your collaboration look like?

I find it really hard, when you come up with a bunch of solutions and only tell, which ones you dislike (because of pricing), instead of telling us about your intended goals, your workflow etc.

Perhaps Google docs is already enough for your project. But without further knowledge, I can not say anything qualified.


Also, task management != project management.

Is the goal to manage work or actually do project management?


My team uses airtable for project management. It is highly configurable to specific use cases -- I'm in specialty construction. Plays nice with integration services as well, so you can automate as needed. There is a free version, which may be all you need.


Use a physical Kanban board. All you need is sticky notes and a white board, doesn’t get any more friendly for those who are “NOT tech savvy AT ALL”


we work remotely most of the time, we have to track our projects closely on daily basis

A physical board isn't really practical for remote work though


MS OneNote beats everything. Simple, intuitive and you can bring anything you want in from a screenshot to documents, share one or many notebooks. Links with MS Office, drag n drop. Syncs with mobile app. joecotellese.com/how-to-implement-...


I'd say Taiga would be perfect. I might be a bit biased here but it's meant to be welcoming for non savvy, it's open source and you can pay their SaaS too. It's agile centric but quite flexible really.


I'm not sure if you've settled on one yet, but if not you should try CollabHQ It's extremely affordable, at only $2 per user a month, for a really intuitive and clean Kanban Board system.

It has a good number of free features, but the paid option has some awesome add-ons. Such as Task assignment, adjustable user permissions by your admin team, and conversations attached to your tasks. It's very new (I think it was released two weeks ago, but it runs very smoothly and it's the only task management my team uses.. )


We use carrotcut.com
It really increased our PMO maturity in terms of project management, project governance using methodology builder, top management reporting using easy to use BI, automated status report amd team task board to uodate project and none project tasks.

It is provided from a project management consulting company and they automized their consulting into CarrotCut.

Hope this help you as it helped us ;)


I use trello for personal projects and used this in a remote team of 4. Absolutely love it. If this doesn't work for you, have you tried Github Projects? It's similar but connected to the code base (if you have your code hosted there of course) 😁


We are a small agency with the same issue. A lot of projects, a lot of clients that need access and just a small team. All these facts make most paid PM-Tools unaffordable. Tools like Trello are just a mess when you're managing 70+ projects as we are. I have 2 solutions:

  • OpenProject (openproject.org/), which we use and we and our clients love
  • GitLab Issues... Awesome for technical peole, especially because you can automate things like setting ticket-statuses on merge-requests....

Hope this helps!


Hi David I seen your post and was wondering if you would be interested in trialing Dozillo? It was built with agencies in mind. I'd love to get your feedback on it and how it compares to your past software experiences.


Trello works for us. I use it for my side projects. Usually around 4-5 people working remotely.

Also, for personal tasks I use Org-mode. Its possible to use Org-mode with a shared Org file and use it across teams. But its not the fancy PM tool you find. Just a plain text based solution.


trello.com/ or just github projects. Currently we are using github projects, happy so far :)


Second that

Trello is the mix between simple & powerful...

Many people will look for more advanced tools for management when they actually need a simple board!


I use zube.io and gitspeak. Give them a try.


I gave up and started rolling my own last week because i wanted something with OKR focus that was open source.

I used to use Redmine, but it is a bit old fashioned.

Professionally i use Jira.


Trello is perfect for me. Simple enough for small projects but also powerful enough to track larger projects too. The powerups they have for boards are great!


Hey Vicky if you're still looking for a solution, would you be interested in a completely free account for dozillo with unlimited access?

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