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Victor Edier
Victor Edier

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Another JS/CSS Calculator

Here is a really simple classic calculator, is my attempt to practice JS and CSS, because I am being off of the FrontEnd environment for several years.

Like a classic calculator, the first part and kind of most difficult is the display segment.

To do it I am using a normal div, but with the ::before and ::after


The next part was the buttons, with some div/shadows

There are a LOT of things to improve, just the code needs some documentation, maybe using a more modern approach.

I can use all of your opinions and suggestions.

Thanks for the reading.




JS/CSS Calculator

This is working calculator made it using just JS and CSS, the code is still some ugly, I will eventually fixed

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Oliver Kühn

Haha, nice 💙 Great to see an alternative implementation of the ol'good seven segment display out in the wilds. Tried this, uff, 8 years ago: - but it's less elegant as yours 💅

Tried a fourteen segment display as well, but that it is some kind of overkill 😅

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Sarthak Sharma

Wow 🤩