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#100DaysOfCode Challenge

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My experience with the #100DaysOfCode Challenge

I decided to try the #100DaysOfCode Challenge for a couple of reasons.
First, to see how I would manage this and secondly to complete items that were languishing due to low motivation.

I did not tweet daily as is generally recommended. For me the public motivation / goal does not appeal.
I also decided to finish my incomplete items first. And only then start anything new.

Code Complete

  1. Started and Completed - 'Data Cleaning Cookbook' by Michael Walker
  2. Completed - 'Automate the boring stuff' by AI Sweigart
  3. Python course in Udemy
  4. 100+ Python Exercises


Strictly does not fall into the coding challenge but I thought it relevant all the same.

  1. Completed Google Cloud Sprint course in Coursera
  2. LinkedIn Assessments - 4

Lessons Learnt


  • Definitely works. Nothing like not wanting to miss the streak in the github profile as motivation !
  • Was able to complete every item that had just been pending for no reason other than low motivation
  • A very good experience, gives a confidence boost along with a sense of accomplishment
  • If do-not-break-the-streak or chain works for you, this challenge is highly recommended


  • I believe in complete digital detoxification for one day during the week / fortnight. Obviously, this could not happen with the #100DaysOfCode challenge
  • Very easy to just go through the motions if fatigued

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