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My First Seed of Blog Post


Alt Happy New Year 2020

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Hello guys!
First I want to say Happy New Year to all of my friends.


My name is Vijay Kumar. I'm a student from University of Computer Studies, Mandalay. Currently, I'm studying computer technology (computer engineering).


Although I'm a hardware student, I'm learning full stack web development . After all this doesn't matter what you do or who you are. Actually I'm studying full stack web development to make some money during this joyful university life and get some experiences from web projects.


This is my first ever blog and may be reading this blog will be like a block of texts with full of necessities what a good blog should have.I'll try to overcome with those necessities with the help of feedback from all of my friends.I also wanna ask for guidance if anyone found something wrong in any of my blog posts.In my future blogs, I'm going to write full stack web development related topics and some computer science and engineering topics too.

New Year Resolution

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As today is new year day, everyone is goint to make some resolutions. I made mine too. Writing blog post is also included in my resolution. I hope all of my friends have also made some resolution and I wish they gonna meet their goals in near future.

Starting my blogging journey

I'm starting to blog on *** Dev Community *** form now and I hope I'll get full support from my senior developers and my friends.

Thank You Everyone and enjoy this new year's first day.
Please don't forget to comment.

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