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My first code 😊

Namaste 🙏 to you.

In this post, i am going to share my story of the first time I wrote code and what i felt after that :)

So, without any further dues let's start .

The start of my journey

So, what happened was, as always i was roaming around youtube and watching videos.

Suddenly, i came across a video of a guy (one of the 1st guys i subscribed on youtube) named CodeWithHarry and he created content related to coding (obviously ^_^) .

And for some reason i clicked the video.

This is where the journey of mine started. And yeah love you harry bhai for that. (bhai means brother and this I had written to express my love towards Harry 😊)

My learning phase starts

At that time, I was not having any kind of laptop or computer in my house (and this is around 2020).

But i loved watching his videos so much that even after not having any device, I literally binge watched his videos.

And due to my binge watching capabilities i learnt a whole lot of python, html, css and javascript within a matter of few weeks.

And yes, like most of the programmers out there, I just loved python 😍.

P.S. From then onwards my learning phase is still continuing and i guess will continue all my life. And i am really excited for whats coming next in my life.

The first idea i got

Then, one day I went to my uncle's (mama in hindi) house to live there and got to know that my uncle was having an old laptop which was just lying around.

And due to the fact that it was just lying, I asked my uncle to take it with me and brought that home with me.

Although for initial few weeks i didn't use it at all and was just binge watching. (Also it worked super slow, but i am not complaining I am super grateful that i got it).

But one day I got an idea in my mind.

*I love maths and maths is my subject. *

So, i thought that why not to create a calculator which gives us the roots of any quadratic equation.

A quadratic equation is as follows:

a x^2 + bx + c = 0
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And we can find the roots of it by using Sri Dharacharya's formula aka quadratic formula that is :

x = [ -b +- ( b^2 - 4ac ) ] / 2a
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So, the idea was quite simple i.e. to create a program in which the user provides value of a , b and c and using the formula, we give roots to the user.

And i executed the idea

The idea seemed so exciting to me that next day i opened the laptop around 8 AM .

I opened Notepad in it as I dont expected any heavier software to run on it.

I chose to use html, css and javascript as i thought that it is easier to create a UI with it and started coding 🥳.

I still remember that as I wasn't an expert in html and css, I created a very simple UI with the help of divs in html and grids and background colors in css.

And then i wrote the logic of applying the formula in javascript.

So, as i told I started around 8 AM in the morning and coded uptill 10 PM and finally made the application. (I took some small breaks for eating and stuff but I think most of that day i coded only and i really mean most of that day).

And finally i created an application successfully and it worked as expected 🥳.

The feelings I got

Then, as it was now night time, I closed the laptop, turned off lights and lyed on bed.

And the amount of happiness i felt that day is unmatchable to anything till date.

For the first time in my life, I felt that i had created something and that happiness is something i can never forget.

And then i was just thinking about the code and realised that there were some minor bugs and yes i was hell excited to wake up next day and solve that issue. (And i did solve it easily :) )

And meanwhile, when i was lying on bed, I got the idea for my second application which taught me the meaning of algorithms but that is the story of some other post.

Final Statement

Although, right now I wonder about why i took 1 full day to code such a basic application. Like i can just do it within few minutes as of now.

But yeah, again i was a noob back then (and even till now i guess 😄).

So, this was my story. Through this story my message to you is quite frankly nothing 😉.

But yeah I would love for you to tell me in comments about what did you take away from this story and i know that there are a lot of lessons hiding in ths story, okay. Its just that i dont want to point a special message or provide you the best moral lesson of life from this story. I just wanted to share this with you 😄.

So, i hope u liked my story. I would love to hear yours in the comments down below.

Bye 👋
And have a nice day or night 😄.
And also make sure to follow me :) as i have a lot more stories and learnings to share with you which u don't wanna miss out 😄.

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