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My Programming Journey...

So, I am a web developer. And now you might be thinking- "what is so special about it?". Well, we will get there. As i said, i am a web developer, but i was not one before March 2020. When i took admission in B.Tech in 2016, just like every I.T. Student i also came to college with the hopes of joining Google one day! But being one of the class toppers, which i always was, i was always more focused on grasping up bookish knowledge than working on my tech skills.

Sometimes, i used to visit some of my juniors in hostel who were very good in web development. And whenever i saw them making those wonderful apps, i always wished if i could make such apps. I even tried to learn web development my self. But i could not! I guess my approach was wrong, always! I used to download tutorials from youtube about making apps in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then i used to blindly follow that tutorial. And just like always the code in tutorials worked fine but mine always had some errors which i could not solve due to lack of knowledge. And, eventually i used to give up. And just like that 7 semesters passed.

In our last semester our major project was under our HOD and he, as we had seen since the first year of our college, was very strict when it came to project assessment. In my last semester he asked to make an inventory management system. This was a completely customized application which was supposed to have all the features that our HOD wanted for the inventory management system of our department. Basically, he asked me create a web application that could solve the problem of inventory management in our department, an app that could could digitalize the entire process.

And while he was telling me the specifications and features which that app was suppossed to have, only one thing was going through my mind. And that was : "I am gonna fail my last semester project"
My HOD had already made me repeat the entire project in 7th semester because it was not made up to the mark.

Nevertheless, i came back to my room and after thinking about everything for about one day, i decided that no matter what happens, i am gonna deliver such a great project this time that my HOD will always remember about it. That I was one student who delivered the best project. As soon soon as was done deciding, i called one of my juniors(who was very good in web development) and asked him when will he be returning back to hostel. He told me that he will be back with next 4 days(i.e. by 18 March 2020).

And as soon as he was back, i told him that i want to learn web development and because was always keen on teaching others he said that he will help me along the way. And then he started teaching me Flask every day from then. A few days later lock down happened(i.e on 22 March 2020, India). And my reason for writing about lock down is only that because of lock down i got enough time to learn entire front end and back end web development. Because of lock down the classes and everything came to a halt and i got enough time to develop those skills that were necessary for making that app.

I worked on my project during the entire lock down. And by the time colleges reopened i was done making the project. I showed my project to my HOD and not only did he like my web application but also he praised me a lot for that app and even enquired where i took the images from.I had taken images from Undraw and a few such sites but it took me a hell lot of time to find the relevent images and customize them according to my project. But in the end all my efforts finally paid off! After that project, i have learned a lot of things and currently i am doing React JS. And i aim to learn more every day!

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