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[-1] University

Since my previous post was more about my background, then in this one, I will talk about my current situation. At the moment, I am studying at the LAB University of Applied Sciences, which is located in Lahti, Finland. And yes, I’m learning information technology.

Lahti is located about a hundred kilometers from Helsinki, where I live at the moment. And it is not the biggest city, even by the standards of Finland. Anyway, they have quite a good university — And more importantly, they also have online degree program options, one of which I chose. So, I rarely have to physically go to the university. It’s very convenient if you need to combine work and study, and, for sure, it is also a brilliant choice for an introvert person like me.

So, I started studying about a year ago, in August 2019. The official name of my degree program is Information Technology. And after graduating, I become a Bachelor of Engineering.

The principal area of programming that I’m most interested in is web development. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the things that are inspiring me right now. In an ideal situation, I would like to develop in that direction and also find a job in that field.

Okay, it’s probably time to finish with the introduction and telling about myself. In the next posts, I will be more precise about IT-related topics.


There below is a website with my minor newbie projects. I made most of them as a part of the courses (except the site itself), so there’s nothing particularly impressive in there so far. Even so, I will try to frequently update this site, as I improve my skills.

Original post 29.05.20

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Matt Curcio

VERY Cool site.
"Good On Ya" as they say in New Zealand

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MV Author

Thank you 🙂 It is very nice to hear that!