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[15] The 15 Best Web Development Blogs in 2020

Today I will continue my Top 15 series with another post. This time I would like to share with you my personal top 15 of the most inspiring developer blogs. Some members of the list are represented only as Twitter accounts, and some of them have personal sites and blogs. Anyway, I believe that every person on this list deserves your attention.

1). Dan Abramov

A software engineer at Facebook, working on the React team, co-author of Redux, and Create React App.

2). Sarah Dresner

A speaker, developer at Netlify, Vue core team member, and Staff Writer at CSS-Tricks. Definitely recommend checking her courses on Frontend Masters.

3). Lea Verou

Front end web developer. Author of CSS Secrets.

4). Quincy Larson

The founder of

5). Flavio Copes

A passionate software engineer, author of many books and tutorials.

6). Wes Bos

A well known full stack developer, co-host of Syntax podcast, and an author of amazing courses. Creator of project.

7). Brian Holt

A software engineer, working in Microsoft (VS Code team). A charismatic author of the Fronted Masters's courses that I like the most.

8). Ahmad Shadeed

Design-oriented Front End Developer. An author of Debugging CSS.

9). Kyle Simpson

The author of You Don't Know JS book series. Kyle has a couple of great courses on Frontend Masters as well.

10). Chris Coyier

Created CSS-Tricks - one of the most useful and inspiring platforms with web dev related articles. Co-founder of CodePen.

11). Jason Lengstorf

Enthusiastic web developer at Netlify. A host of Learn With Jason live show. Jason is also a teacher on Frontend Masters.

12). Amelia Wattenberger

The author of the Fullstack D3 book and a very beautiful website. Shares her thoughts.

13). Jenn Schiffer

Jenn Schiffer is a web app developer, pixel artist, and tech satirist.

14). Katy DeCorah

Katy is a frontend engineer and author of an inspiring all-around blog.

15). Vadim Makeev

Vadim is the founder of Web Standards, the first Russian front end community. The host of the Russian speaking Web Standards podcast.

Please feel free to complete the list by replying to this post. Which blogs do you like best?

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The Javascript Ninja • Edited

Awesome list, great content. I might add David Walsh Blog, CSS-Tricks, Flavio Copes, and my very own,

Edit: Sorry all, forgot Flavio Copes was on the original list. Keep up the great work!

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Jan Schröder

Thanks, that is a great list. Just what I needed to set up my RSS feed again.

I would also like to add

villivald profile image

Thank you for the addition. Those look interesting, definitely will check them. 👍

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Khaled Labidi

Thank you for this list.
I'd like to add Robin Wieruch