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[8] Mastering Zsh & The University’s Fall Semester

Recently my second year at the University started, and I am happy to have some well-known routine in my study life. Nevertheless, in the first part of autumn, I will have only two courses: Orientation to Sustainability Thinking (2 ECTS), which is more about the sustainable picture in general and Technical Mathematics (3 ECTS), which is just a regular theoretical course in math. The first one is completely independent, and on my part, is almost done and is waiting for evaluation. The math course is a regular lecture course and will run until the end of the year. Since the end of September, I will also start another University module dedicated to web development. I am looking forward to starting this particular module since web development is what interests me most at the moment.

By the way, I keep watching some FrontendMasters courses, and recently I went through the Complete Intro to Linux and the Command-Line named course by Brian Holt. This course was a lot of fun, and Brian is definitely one of the best teachers I have ever seen. I learned a lot about Zsh and Bash commands, such as less, Touch file{1..10..2}.txt, rm -rf, ls -lsah, kill -9, whoami, ps aux, wget, curl, and so on. I refreshed my knowledge about using sudo and manipulating user permissions. There was as well a whole part of the course related to Vim and Nano, and yes, now I even know how to get out of Vim. I have also learned to create and use my own simple shell scripts, like:

read -p "Enter a folder name: " FOLDER


read -p "Enter a file prefix: " FILE_PREFIX

touch ${FILE_PREFIX}{1..10}.txt
echo done
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I have also made some changes to the basic Zsh settings on my terminal. For example, I installed the oh-my-zsh framework, which is just outstanding. It allows you to simply add plugins to Zsh. There is my list of plugins: plugins=(git history osx web-search). I have also made some changes to the .zshrc file, which allows the terminal to randomly choose one of my favorite Zsh themes on every boot (spaceship, robbyrussell, amuse, avit, norm, pygmalion, sunrise, wezm, ys).

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