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5 Compelling Reasons to use AngularJS for Development in 2022

Whether you are looking forward to web development or app development, your first concern is to pick a strong framework for its development. In this regard, have you heard about the AngularJs framework? Being one of the fastest-growing open-source web application frameworks, which revolves around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, many developers rely on the AngularJS framework to build great websites and applications. With plentiful advantages and exciting features, AngularJS is designed and developed from Google.

Two-way binding

AngularJS has a two-way data binding feature which means that any changes made in the application objects will have a direct impact on the user interface and vice versa. Using this framework will make sure that the module changes and user actions go hand in hand and take place together. As a result, your AngularJS developer will no need have to use low-level constructions and only have to describe the result with the model state terms.

MVC Architecture

Among the various frameworks available in the market, only AngularJS divides the app into the MVC architecture where your developer only needs to split your application into MVC components rest everything else is done by AngularJS itself. It completely manages your components and serves as a bridge that connects the View and Model. This saves a lot of time right in the developmental stages and allows you to launch your robust and interactive app in less time.

Declarative Framework

As AngularJS uses HTML, which is a declarative language, to define the apps user interface, it offers a declarative framework that allows app optimization, like eliminating the useless codes automatically. The declarative paradigm also makes the overall code lighter and easy to read as the developer need not describe all the steps to achieve something, rather he needs to describe only the necessary result. The declarative approach simplifies the development process and allows your developer to define what you want, without having to worry about the dependencies.

Easy Testing Process

Among the various features, AngularJS framework allows easy testing features which makes it a preferable framework for developers. Right from the beginning, the modular structure of the framework provides a great scope to the developers to leverage the best practices, making your application test-friendly and scalable. Also, the dependency injection, which the framework uses to manage the scope and controller with ease, can be used to carry unit testing with mock data. With inbuilt features like mock providers, the dummy data gets injected into the application to test the responses.

Affordable Solution

Being a feature-rich and a popular framework, you can easily
hire an AngularJS developers from a reputed firm to have your own custom based web application developed in a cost-effective way. Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS does not have an additional cost for customizing the code, where developers can easily modulate the code as per your app’s need, making it a great choice for your project development.

The advantages of using AngularJS are many other than these primary benefits mentioned above, which makes it suitable for your next project. And as you know, an expert team of developers from Google are working on the framework, thus, this technology will only improve and further simplify the development process with time. Thus, for a robust, interactive and a flexible app, or web development project, it is high time to get started…

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