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How to setup Local GraphQL API



Assume that you already have Node js installed in your system.

Create a folder i.e graphql-local-server

initialize package.json with following command. we just keep all defaults with it.

npm init

Add a start script to your package.json file

Setup babel

Install babel dependencies.

Run following commands in order to install latest version of babel compiler and babel preset

npm install babel-cli babel-preset-env

babel-cli is a babel compiler and babel-preset-env will tell babel what it should change so the browser can understand the JS code.

Now create a single file called .babelrc in your root folder which will tell our presets which environment to use.

import GraphQL-yoga library

Official documentation

npm install graphql-yoga

create an index.js file inside your src root folder with following content.

Now when you run

npm run start

you will see the log with "The server is up!" text.

By default, graphql-yoga starts the server on port 4000

Open the http://localhost:4000/ to see your first graphQL api.

Your first available GraphQL query

query {

Folder Structure

Folder Structure

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