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Reason to learn docker as a web developer

Reason to learn docker as a web developer


You can create a docker image with the files and the configurations, share it in the docker hub and then share it so that you have the same infrastructure is the same.

Even in terms of the developer environment for the local testing and also in deploying it on the different cloud platform.


Similar to being portable they can be configured for the future projects. You can have a very general Virtual Host for the deployment of the websites you can set certain flags and switches for the deployment.

Better understanding of the infrastructure

MERN stack, WAMP stack and a lot of the other Infrastructure for the projects in windows will be un understood as we have an GUI as way to communicate with the system but while developing the Dockerfile you can learn a lot about the file system of the stack basically you can use ubuntu for the development locally and testing it locally but you can get the actual knowledge about the software/technology file system through docker only.


In docker we can have different mount points in the container and endpoints can be defined in the Dockerfile,which is certain file system entry points where the files live in the host system and also in the volumized containers. (you will learn these exclusively in the docker compose).

you can copy and detach those mount points and put them from one container to another container.

You can copy a file to the WORKDIR mentioned by the user and then use it as a mount point and then detach and use it as folder in the other container.

docker volumes comes after the docker compose thus make sure that you are following me for the updates.

and obviously for


Isolation in web development is very important for example shared hosting, a lot of the projects have a shared hosting sometimes a project might require a different version of the software dependency, with the docker image you are isolated to that container that you are using thus you can change the image as required by you and you can deploy it later.(lets say JDK version ,alpine version and so on).

Thank you all.

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