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Tools you need for making your own Linux distribution.

You need have your own Linux Distibution then know these tools so that you can build your own Linux Distibution for your own purpose that you need example hacking,pentesting and so on.

Thus, you can use these following tools.

Virtual Box

You can install an Virtual box and then go and get the OS installed on to the virtual box as a OVA file and also change it and then publish as your own Custom OS which is one of the best technique that you can adopt to build your own distribution.

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Linux Respin:

Linux Respin is an offshoot of the now-defunct Remastersys. Remastersys was once one of the most common tools for creating your own Linux distro and/or a backup of your operating system. Linux Respin does not deliver as much as Remastersys used to, but it still does a fine job if you choose a distro for which it is available, Linux Respin is only available for Debian, Mint, and Trisquel, which limits its appeal. What I don't like about this tool is that it has almost no documentation.

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Linux Live Kit:

The Linux Live Kit is a tool for creating your own distros and backing up your system. It prefers Debian, but it can run on other distributions as well, as long as they support the aufs and squashfs kernel modules. The Linux Live Kit has a very simple wizard for building a distro – just follow the steps and you're done.

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Linux from Scratch:

Linux from Scratch is a project that teaches Linux from the ground up. LFS has extensive documentation and is an excellent resource for learning about Linux in general, not just how to create your own distro. Linux from Scratch allows you to create your own customized Linux system from scratch. LFS is not a tool like the others on this list, but it can be used for the same purpose – to create your own Linux distro (and to test it).

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Live Magic:

Live Magic is yet another Debian tool for creating distributions. It can burn CDs, USB drives, and netboot images. It is much easier to use than some of the other apps on this list, such as Remastersys, but it does not build the image using your running system. Instead, use a wizard to guide you through the process of configuring your system. The programme will download the packages from your repositories and install them in your system.

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Revisor supports the creation of Installation Media for permanent installation of the distribution on a computer, live media for booting and using the distribution without making permanent changes to the computer, virtualization media for use in virtual guests in Xen or KVM, and utility media for data recovery or dealing with problems in the operating system.

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Customizer is no longer in active development, but that is because its developer considers it stable. It is yet another tool for remixing Ubuntu, but it also supports its various flavours, such as Xubuntu and Kubuntu.

The host system under which you are using it, however, must have the same release number and architecture as the guest system you are remixing.

These tools for making your own custom Linux distribution should be useful. Their level of complexity (and power) varies, but we've tried to include both simple apps and apps with more power. See our guides on how to repair a corrupted USB drive in Linux and how to instal for more Linux tips. Arch Linux uses deb packages.

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Ubuntu Imager:

Ubuntu Imager is a useful tool for creating your own Ubuntu-based distribution. It's not the only such app for Ubuntu, but because it's a good one, I've included it on this list. I'm not going to go over it in detail because we already have a very detailed how-to with installation and operation instructions.

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Thus these are the list of the tools that we can use for making your own Linux image ,do just try making them by using these software's if you have any doubts do connect with me through my twitter thus we can work on the queries on using these tools and building os.

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