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Filips Masolovs for Visual Composer

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The start of my journey!

That was the day when my "development" journey started!
I will clarify immediately that the only reason why I put "development" in quotation marks is because I still consider myself far from a decent developer.

Being a frontend-dev my journey started with HTML, it was easy. I mean with HTML you don't need to think a lot of super complicated logic. What you see is what you get, so yeah those steps were easy.
After that came CSS, I can't say that it is particularly hard, but some CSS stuff is confusing and misleading. Like I still sometimes wonder: "Do I justify or align here?" when working with flex-box. And some things like gradient transition require hacks to work, but these are very easily available on the web.

But then came the hard part, JS, React.JS...
Here's where things get tricky, here you have to implement logic, use functions and battle Sauron not to get any errors in your console.
For the most part I manage to write the most part of code when I am creating something from scratch and get stuck only at the end and here and there need some refactoring to be done, but the biggest issue for me comes when I battle some already prewritten code. This is where I get stuck.

But I guess the journey doesn't supposed to be easy? Does it? I mean if it would, what would be the point? So yes, even if I do struggle now on things that may not be so hard, I still see how much I have grown personally in the last few months and I still feel that I can grow further in this industry...

TTYS, Mr.Masolov

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Moya Richards

Now that you are on your programming journey. make sure you surround yourself with other developers

have fun learning :)

maxdevjs profile image

There are similar, alternative, groups out of FB?

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Moya Richards

There are groups on discord, whatsapp,slack, linkedIn, etc.

I haven't tried them so I cant give you recommendations.

konutis profile image

Started to laugh at this part - "Do I justify or align here?"
I thought it is only me trying both all the time :D

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