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Are there any other languages like Befunge?

While I was looking in to esoteric programming languages, I discovered the Befunge programming language. The idea of 2D control flow really piqued my interest, so I was wondering if there where any other languages had the same concept. Hopefully with friendlier syntax.

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

If you're dealing with true multi-dimensional control flow, you won't really find any with 'friendlier' syntax than Befunge. The general design pretty much requires some fixed-size cell to be usable. One specific example that comes to mind though is Piet (named after Piet Mondrian, for the resemblance of some of the sample programs to his artwork). it uses an image as an input, and the differences in color values of the pixels encode the actual instructions. The section about it in the Wikipedia article on esoteric programming languages has a couple of sample programs. I seem to also remember another language similar to befunge with a different syntax and execution model, but I forget the name (I think it begins with an S, but I'm not sure).

However, there are some more mainstream visual programming languages that use flow-chart style organization for control flow that could be seen as being a bit like Befunge, though I can't name any off the top of my head.

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Sorry for the callout 😆