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How do you visualize new concepts?

For me personally, I usually grab a notepad and start sketching out how various parts and aspects of the whatever I'm trying to learn are connected. I also find that writing in your own dialect of pseudocode works well too.

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Kevin Ard

I visualize mentally - kinda relating code to more tangible things I've handled. It's amusing sometimes. I might have a mental whitewater creek running into warehouse bins, whose contents are pieced together like lumber for a house lol.

Keeps me on track, though. During dev, I ask myself a lot: "is this the creek?"

If I have to change the creek too much, the question becomes "SHOULD this be a creek? Maybe it should be a cook line?"

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Fulton Browne

I normally have an idea and just start coding and see what happens, it may just work.

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I agree. Just getting quick semi-functional code written down is important.