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My First Game with Unity

Hey all! Over the past month or two I've been slowly working on my first game built with Unity, Blokke! It's not anything extraordinary, but it still was a nice learning experience for me. Blokke is a clone of one of my favorite games, Tetris. In fact the word "blokke" is Danish for blocks.

Here are some of the "major" features of Blokke:

  • Support for control pad input.
  • The ability to hold blocks and use them later.
  • A preview showing the next three blocks to be spawned.
  • A basic level system with increasing difficulty.

So far the only build is for Windows. Once I get it to its final state I'll add a Linux build, which will be soon. Give it a try if you want!

GitHub logo Visual-mov / blokke

A Tetris clone game for desktop



Blokke is a open source Tetris clone with a green & blue aesthetic. It includes most core features and mechanics of Tetris, such as a holding function and scoring system. I built Blokke as a way to get familiar with Unity.


Clone repo:

~$ git clone

Navigate to blokke/Builds, and select the file for your platform. Currently only Windows is supported.


The controls for Blokke are also included in the "About" menu. Blokke supports keyboard or control pad for input.

Move block left              | A or left on d-pad
Move block right             | D or right on d-pad
Move block down              | S or down on d-pad
Move block down continuously | W or up on d-pad
Rotate block                 | Space or button 3
Hold block                   | Q or button 2




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Shannon Crabill

Very cool! Tetris is always a fun one.

Heads up, you may want to double check the spelling of the second word in your title.

visualmov profile image

Didn't catch that, thanks!

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