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Vivian Dai
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Hacktoberfest 2021: Finding Projects That Aren't Excluded

Personal Background

This is my first year and first day (I spent October 1st debating about whether or not I should try Hacktoberfest) doing Hacktoberfest. One of the things I noticed immediately was the lack of good beginner friendly projects. Just about every project that was somewhat beginner friendly was also excluded and anything else with a hacktoberfest tag was some huge, insane repository of a full stack project or something that was in no way beginner friendly.


The hardest part about contributing might have been the fact there wasn't a nice list of beginner friendly projects. After that, the pull requests I made turned out to be to repositories of excluded (blacklisted) projects:
excluded project example
This means they were reported as a repository that's too easy to make pull requests to.


Before I made any pull requests, I actually tried to find a nice list of resources with Hacktoberfest specific open source projects in it. I found many resources listing general open source projects but none listing Hacktoberfest specific repositories. To combat that, I decided to create my own list. Similarly, I couldn't find an official list for blacklisted repositories either so I decided to compile my own

If you find any more good, beginner friendly Hacktoberfest projects or notice anything here has become excluded, feel free to contribute. This repository is also under a Hacktoberfest label so a pull request here will count towards your Hacktoberfest contributions as well!

GitHub logo vivian-dai / Hacktoberfest-2022-Repos

A list of Hacktoberfest 2022 Repos that are valid to be contributed towards Hacktoberfest pull requests


A compilation of all valid repos for Hacktoberfest 2021. A list of invalid repos can be found here and a list of repos that has historically been good but seem inactive can be found here.

Table of Contents





Repo By Topic

Algorithms and Data Structures

OpenGenus/cosmos algorithms on AI, CP, crypto, quantum, and more in C, C++, Java, JS, Swift, Python, Go, and more
ZoranPandovski/al-go-rithms search, sort, math, crypto, geometry, graph theory, DP, DS, and more types of algorithms in various languages
codedecks-in solutions to various problems on different different online judges and interview prep sites, most repos can count towards Hacktoberfest
TheAlgorithms algorithm implementations in various different languages, most repos can count towards Hacktoberfest

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guptaarth87 profile image

I added some of the more project names and their links which have been excluded I hope it will be counted as a useful contribution in your repository.

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Vivian Dai

It definitely is useful, thanks for contributing!