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Hacktoberfest 2021: Project Maintenance


At the beginning of October, I made this:

GitHub logo vivian-dai / Hacktoberfest-2021-Repos

A list of Hacktoberfest 2021 Repos that are valid to be contributed towards Hacktoberfest pull requests

At the time, I don't think I really thought about what this project would become or what kind of impact it might have, I just genuinely wanted to figure out how to win a T-shirt without too much of a hassle.


By the end of October, this repository had over 200 commits, 30 stars, over 60 forks, over 70 merged pull requests, and over 40 different contributors. I didn't really expect it to get anywhere near this big. In a single month, this repository evolved quite a bit.

Notable Benchmarks

Added and repo and Changed #8

  • [x] Added one Hacktoberfest accepted repo. It accepts only legit contributions. To quote them

Please try to keep your contribution good, as we believe in Quality, and not Quantity. We'll thoroughly go through each PR, and if it doesn't have quality, it won't be accepted.

  • [x] Converted a small part of the repo in form of a table. I think it makes it look more structured. If it's looking good enough, I would like to convert all the other sections in tabular form as well.
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This contribution converted the organization of the repository list from just a list to tables which look much nicer.

Add archive #47


  • Added an "archive" file for inactive (empty now)
  • Checked for links with latest change for more than 2 years ago (couldn't find any)
  • Mentioned the archive file alongside pre-existing introductory mentioned of the blacklist file
  • Edited some words

Here, an archive was introduced on top of the blacklist for projects that aren't actually excluded but are inactive. I thought this was a pretty cool idea.

This sorted the excluded repositories in alphabetical order which meant I didn't need to perform a linear scan to see if the repository was already listed. It reduced the time complexity of my code reviews from O(n) to O(logn).

Next Steps

In all honesty, I will probably leave next steps to next year. Sorting each individual section (topics and languages) in alphabetical order would be nice. I should also update the contributing file to specify specific things people can do (eg. add a Hacktoberfest accepted repository, add a blacklisted repository) and specify the exact guidelines they'd need to follow.

Well, until next year! Happy hacking!

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