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Default values in nestjs

Visakh Vijayan
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While passing query params in nestjs if you have come across a situation where you want the node to exist without an explicit value for it, then here is how I wasted a lot of time behind it.

import { IsNotEmpty, IsString } from "class-validator";

export class IssueSearch
    search: string;

    length: number = 10;

    lastId: string = "0"
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Above is my DTO which is applied on the validation params of a controller method as below.

@UsePipes(new ValidationPipe({transform: true}))
async fetchAllIssues(@Query() search: IssueSearch)
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Hence if you access this method like
http://baseurl/controller/issues/all it will throw up an error saying it didn't find the search node.

However, if you access it like this -

Then it's fooled.

Let me know if there is an easier way to do this.

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