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How to build a custom server with nodejs in 3 min

Hello people!
Hope you like my previous HOW TO tutorials. So in today's post, we will be making a custom server with Nodejs in 3 minutes.

What you need:
* Knowledge of javascript and Nodejs
* Npm installed

So without any further due, let us get to the main point.
If you have installed the npm package, then Go to the terminal!

//switch to the directory where you want to store your files
cd documents

//make a new folder to store the meta data of the server.
mkdir server

//switch to this "server" file and then start with npm
cd server

//create a package.json file with npm
npm init

//use this command to create a file named app.js
touch app.js

NOTE: we will code only in the app.js folder.

Create a custom server with Nodejs - Vikas Singh

You should get this message(listening at port 3000) on the console if your server is working properly.

Congrats, you have your own custom server.

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aminnairi profile image

Hi Vikas and thanks for this article!

For people that are on the clock, you can even create a server in one terse line.

require("http").createServer((_, r) => r.end("Node.js")).listen(8080);
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You can even fire a Node.js server in a terminal.

$ node -e "require('http').createServer((_, r) => r.end('Node.js')).listen(8080)"
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This is not very interesting for most applications, but this is a cool trick to know!

vkassingh profile image
Vikas Singh

thanks for sharing.