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Minimal Notes - web app build with Vue.js

vladocar profile image Vladimir Carrer ・1 min read

There are many notes apps, but I needed something simple that works for me on my laptop.

That is why I made minimal notes that will work in my browser locally.

Everything is stored in your web browser localStorage. All the coding is done with Vue.js and the best part is everything is in the index.html file that is only 4Kb.

I also made Minimal for Mac OS users. First I used Electron to package the app. But the file from 4Kb became 400 Mb, with some optimization I achieved around 140 Mb but I was not happy. Then I tried Cordova for Mac and worked perfectly. Now the file is 0.45 Mb that is much better then 140 Mb.


The project on github:

Minimal Notes App

Discussion (5)

arberbr profile image
Arber Braja

Looks pretty good. However for such eady and small stuff personally I would never resort using Vue/React or god forbid Angular.

Vanilla JS would have done the job pretty well and and probably even faster.

vladocar profile image
Vladimir Carrer Author

True :) Using Vue/React for small project is probably overkill. That is why I created small JS library for "To-Do" projects

codefinity profile image
Manav Misra

Great work, and welcome!

tomavelev profile image

Why you would use wrappers, when pwa does the same thing - and for all OSes with decent browser?!

vladocar profile image
Vladimir Carrer Author

Yes, PWA is solid option two.

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