Are you curious about functional programming in javascript? Tell me, what do you want to know?

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First of all, I'm not an expert on functional programming, I just like to read (and sometimes write) about that stuff.

Tell me what do you want to know. What is that thing you have read about but still don't understand? Maybe I can help, maybe someone else can, maybe I'm just looking for ideas for a future post (que también puede ser en español).

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What is a point of functional programming, what problems it solves, where to use it and why to use it. I wish you can find them all.


I got you fam.

Let me start by saying that functional programming is a paradigm, a way of modeling the world. In other words, it's a way of solving problems.

What is a point of functional programming

Solving problems. But I guess you want a more specific answer. I can tell you that a lot effort and patterns are there just to make things predictable. Predictable software is good.

what problems it solves

All of them. Same as object oriented programming.

where to use it

Everywhere. If you want to identify an oportunity to use it that would be data transformation. Whenever you get to transform data you can use "pure functions."

why to use it

If it fits your mental model it makes you productive.

All that I have done is repeat what it's said in this talk.


Wow I'm impressed about your answers.You were clear and specific respect from me👍

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