Do you use a vim-like editor?

vonheikemen profile image Heiker ・1 min read

Do you use a text editor that is like vim?

Know about any good vim alternative?

What does it do better than vim?


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I've started with vim and used it for a year or two, then switched to sublime with vim for some short period. And for the past couple of years I've been using VS Code with Vim plugin and Chrome/FF with Vimium addon.

Still using vim/nvim for small edits.


I went in the reverse path. Started with sublime text, used a vim plugin in sublime, then tried VS Code, now I'm using neovim.


Nice! That's a dream path, mine was a lazy path 🙂

Do you have your dotfiles published?


I agree. But I still want to see what else is out there.


nope. just vim - ftw! And it took a lot of work to learn it too!


Yeah, in fact i was thinking in making an article based in my experience, i started with onivim, went to vscode and vim, and now im working with both sublime text vintage mode and vim in windows


Awesome, you should write it.

I'm curious, have you tried NeoVintageous plugin for sublime text?


I think i did but had some issues, i know that i tried other vim plugin in the past, if that's the one that uses nvim, so yeah, i tried that one, kind of sluggish


I use Vim for virtually everything, but I do sometimes use VSCodium with one of the bigger Vim extensions. I can't remember which one, but the support is the best I've found in an IDE.


At one point I tried VSCode but the language server for PHP was not good on legacy codebases. I stopped using after a week I think, after I realised that without the language server I was basically using it like sublime text.