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18 Cards with form design tips

Hey devs!

I made 18 cards with tips of common mistakes when designing web forms.

I've also posted them on Twitter, so if you're a Twitter user you can make a bookmark there.

Here we go

Card number 1

Card number 2

Card number 3

Card number 4

Card number 5

Card number 6

Card number 7

Card number 8

Card number 9

Card number 10

Carb number 11

Card number 12

Card number 13

Card number 14

Card number 15

Card number 16

Card number 17

Card number 18

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Jay Jeckel • Edited on

Amazing! These don't just apply to web forms, they are solid guidelines for designing any GUI.

The only thing I would add is that password field requirements are at best bad practice and at worst actually harmful to security. Instead of recommending easy discovery of password rules, you should recommend not using them at all. And of course the obligatory link to the relevant xkcd comic.

devfemibadmus profile image
Dev Femi Badmus

Really good, wow! Impressive.........can I share this on my Facebook page

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Victor Author


sebastienbarre profile image
Sebastien Barre

These are all great, thank you.

vponamariov profile image
Victor Author

You're welcome =)

nhwilly profile image

This is great!

devfranpr profile image

Wow I've never seen a better simple way to explain this 10/10 saved.