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VS Code Tip of the Week: Watermelon VS Code Extension

I discovered the Watermelon VS Code extension yesterday.

The Watermelon extension in action

What it does is give you the context of a piece of highlighted code by pulling in the comments from the associated pull request. Support for other platforms like JIRA are coming as well. Checkout the repository if you want to see how it all works.

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🍉 VS Code Extension to enrich files of code with code context

Watermelon for Visual Studio Code

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Watermelon is an Open Source Copilot For Code Review. Our GitHub application allows developers to pre-review GitHub Pull Requests by tracing their code context and performing static code analysis. Using LLMs to detect errors, compare intent to implementation, and give the PR a first health check.

We've built a search algorithm that indexes the most relevant code context for a given block of code.

To obtain code context in your IDE, use this extension.

To obtain code context in your CI/CD, take a look at our GitHub Application


We currently support the following integrations

Watermelon Product Git Project Management Messaging Documentation
IntelliJ GitHub, GitLab (Beta), Bitbucket (Beta) Jira Slack Notion, Confluence
VS Code GitHub, GitLab (Beta), Bitbucket (Beta) Jira Slack
GitHub App GitHub. Jira, Linear Slack Notion, Confluence


Watermelon's VS Code extension allows you to obtain business context for a file or…

It’s still early days, but it looks promising as an extension.

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José María CL

Thank you so much!!

josephgoksu profile image
Joseph Goksu

The extension requires almost full access to your GitHub account. The app appears helpful, but it lacks trustworthiness.