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Heitor Ramon Ribeiro for Vue Storefront

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A Penny for Your Thoughts – Our Community Sponsorship Program is Live!

The time has come to finally announce Vue Storefront Community Sponsorship Program. Yes, you heard it right, ops, read it right. We want to sponsor our most active community members and projects in this program.

The idea behind this program is to embrace our community and valorize our top contributors in the Vue Storefront ecosystem. We want you to have the opportunity to be sponsored to do what you like and be able to produce much more.

Also, this will help with all those questions you may get in your house about coding for free 🙂  Now, you contribute and get paid.

When this program was initially conceived, we wanted to make sure everyone in our community could be eligible one day. That's why we are not only sponsoring developers but also are sponsoring projects.

I want to apply for the sponsorship. What should I do?

To apply for our sponsorship program, first, you must be involved in the Vue Storefront ecosystem. Having a project like an integration, extension, or module for Vue Storefront or being an active developer in our community or core project. Then you can fill up this form to start your application process.

Is it possible to apply from a project outside the Vue Storefront ecosystem?

Unfortunately, we only accept applications from projects and developers that are a part of the Vue Storefront ecosystem. This does not mean that we will not sponsor developers and projects outside our ecosystem in the future.

Does the sponsorship cover all countries?

We currently only sponsor developers and projects that belong to the GitHub sponsorship program or have an active Patreon sponsorship account.

We know that this program will bring a lot of questions, like "How do I apply for the program?", "What are the pre-requisites?" and so on. To help you with all those questions, we prepared a document with some of them.

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nicklasgellner profile image
Nicklas Gellner

Cool initiative, Heitor!

Would love to follow how this initiative work :-)

bloodf profile image
Heitor Ramon Ribeiro

It will have more initiatives focused on the community this year by Vue Storefront :) stay tuned :)

nicklasgellner profile image
Nicklas Gellner

Cool looking forward to follow it :-)