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Special library for Python and API to receive SMS

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Special library for Python and API to receive SMS

API for wholesale SMS activation allows developers write special software to receive SMS messages on virtual numbers. In this article you will learn about lightweight library that works as a connector with bypass OTP (One-Time Password) website and how to receive SMS using API of SMS-MAN and use API for wholesale SMS activation

Usage examples:

from smsman.smsman import smsman

api_key = ""

client = smsman(api_key)

#  Get current balance

#  Get information about all services

#  Get information about all countries

#  Get the number of numbers for the selected country and service
print(client.get_limits(country_id=1, application_id=1))

#  Buy nеw number
request_id, phone_number = client.request_phone_number(country_id=1,

#  Recеivе a SMS tо the numbеr
sms_code = client.get_sms(request_id)

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What is VoIP numbers (virtual phone number)

Virtual phone numbers (VoIP numbers) is a service that allows you to receive SMS with free forwarding to your email adress or specified cell phone number, no matter where in the world it is located. Such number works without SIM-card, with it you can receive SMS online

VoIP number allows you to receive text messagers to register in social networks and on any sites, connect and analyze ads statistics and history of sms-posting, not to use a real cell number unnecessarily.

Virtual phone numbers for Business

Virtual numbers are now seen everywhere, and many advertising and marketing organizations are selected virtual numbers for business to promote business. What is a virtual operator? How do I use a virtual number software to receive SMS?

With API for bulk receiving SMS messages you can receive text online on phone numbers and create a lot of account in social networks, messengers, popular applications and more. You can use it to promote you Telegram group or Facebook business page. With fake accounts you can advertise and not be afraid to get banned of real profile or you can to juke subscribers for own business page

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