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Yeah, this is kind of a norm in most programming languages. I'm surprised it wasn't available in Python for so long.


Really? I've seen far more without it than with it. I mean, yeah Ruby can do it, and so can Elixir and Erlang (which while not the originator, is probably the source of influence for many modern languages that can), but other than those three, almost every language I've ever worked with either doesn't support it, or doesn't at all document that it supports it.

In fact, almost three years after it was added to Python, the only places I can find it in their documentation are the formal syntax definition (which next to nobody reads unless they're writing their own Python implementation or parsing tools) and the release notes for 3.6 (which were likely read by only marginally more people than the formal syntax definitions).

Well, Wikipedia lists Ada, C# (from version 7.0), D, Eiffel, Haskell (from GHC version 8.6.1), Java (from version 7), Julia, Perl, Ruby, and Swift in addition to Python as languages which support that... I guess I read that and interpreted it wrongly as 'most'. I've made the edit. Thanks for the heads-up.


This was recently added to PHP as well, nice to see good ideas spreading across languages!


This is one thing that I know I can do, but I always forget to do.

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