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Waren Gonzaga
Waren Gonzaga

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GitHub Codespaces

Hello, fellow devs... I recently signed up for GitHub Codespaces and today I got the first beta experience of it. You know, I'm like a kid that got a new toy.

At the moment, you can only create 2 codespaces as a beta tester. You can now code on almost everywhere without having configuring on different workstations. This new GitHub feature is very promising it reminds me of a cloud IDE and now owned by AWS.

They have almost the same features but VSCode is even better on the cloud. It gives ease to all open-source developers who want to contribute instantly to a repository without having extra steps to set up locally.

To learn more about the features of Codespaces please go to the link below. Also, sign up for early access to the beta version of it.

Peace yow!

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nikhilmwarrier • Edited

Thanks a bunch! Let me go and check it out. Seems cool!
I am trying to web dev on android tablet (!) and this seems to be awesome!!!

I've signed up for the beta wishlist. When I read the docs, it seems that they will charge an hourly rate once it's out of beta....
Couldn't they offer a base low power plan with limited hours and lower performance for free?
Yeah, I know all the server costs they'd incur, but still....
It'd make more sense.

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Waren Gonzaga

I guess that's fair enough since its look like you're running your own instance and running a codespaces is kind of like a quick contribution or development for a repo.

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