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Introducing: Open Web Docs!

Open Web Docs is a new collective project between Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Coil, W3C, Samsung, and Igalia, to support the creation and maintenance of strategic web platform documentation.

Open Web Docs is dedicated to supporting browser-agnostic, community-driven, and high-quality web developer documentation. This new initiative is not a new documentation site, instead, Open Web Docs is committed to improving existing platforms through many different community contributions.

Open Web Docs collaborators are supported by sponsors like Coil, Google and Microsoft, Igalia, and many other donors on Open Collective.

Open Web Docs long term roadmap will be published soon. However, the initial goals are focused on supporting MDN's recent infrastructure transition and contributing to core web technology documentation, browser compatibility data, and JavaScript documentation on MDN Web Docs.

You can learn more or join the adventure at the Open Web Docs collective page, on GitHub, or by following @OpenWebDocs for more exciting updates.

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Mark Smith

Great summary post :)