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Web Design Layout Best Practices for Medical Professionals in 2022

We all know that small changes in your websites can increase or decrease conversion rates. And finding the right marketing campaigns for your healthcare business is an important yet difficult task. Web design should be dynamic because we need to change web design and its features from time to time to beat competitors. Any changes in your websites should ensure the best results for your visitors and Google crawlers.

You need to learn and implement some best web design practices which can help you get more customers and leads and of course conversion rate. The layout of your web page is very much responsible for the conversion rate. So, let's cover in detail some of the best web design layout practices for your web page or website.

Why Web Design Best Practices Are So Important?
Because users care about web design. Web design best practices always make a positive impact on your audience and increase your brand value. Due to this audience will spend more time on your website and then the bounce rate will be decreased.

Take a look at some facts:-
• Based on visual design, 75% of users judge a company’s credibility. First impressions can last for years.
• Positive initial impressions lead to higher satisfaction. It takes visitors just 50 milliseconds to form a first impression.
• Around 38% of users do not engage with a website that has an unattractive layout and content.

Quality content matters a lot. But quality content with poor web design is not acceptable. The visual representation and website navigation have the biggest influence on user’s initial impressions of your brand. People are naturally drawn to good design and well-designed websites have more conversion rates than poorly designed and optimized ones.

Think about your audience
The first task is that you need to think about your audiences before you engage with your design team or healthcare app development company. What does your targeted audience want from you? Think about what your audience will prefer. Will they prefer a simple, plain, traditional web layout or a relish web design layout?

Create a detailed plan for your target audience and act according to that plan. Once you understand your audience you can move further in the web designing process.

Compressed Images
Everyone loves quality content and it includes quality images too. All the images or info graphics you use for your website should be unique, high quality and eye-catching. But big images with high storage size will reduce page loading speed and make a bad impression among your audience as well as on Google rankings. In order to provide quality content, don’t sacrifice your site speed. Use compressed images and JPEG is the best option because it doesn’t lose its quality after compression.

Better Navigability
Better navigation is one of the important aspects of web design layouts. Navigations elements should be as simple as possible for users to easily navigate and make it easier for users. Take an example of the top healthcare app development company website:-
Big typography is used for navigation.

  1. Higher Functionality of a website design makes things easier to find.

  2. Web design best practices improve your website credibility and brand value.

  3. Boost your sales by making your website mobile responsive.

  4. Always pick a Secure Web Host because small websites are also vulnerable to cyber attacks.

  5. Try to use inbound marketing methodology to increase conversion rates.

Tomorrow the devices we wear in our everyday lives will play a new role in our health. The best website design layout depends on the goal of the website and its content. You need to try different techniques and tools to create the best design. Flexible and mobile-friendly web designs are more preferred by users. A good web design provides a positive experience among your visitors and helps you to beat your competitors.

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