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Chrome Extensions I use

There are many useful chrome extensions out there. I probably have way too many installed, here are four that I am currently using.

This post was inspired from Chris over at daily-dev-tips

  1. LastPass
  2. Stylus
  3. Vimium
  4. hypothesis


Love it or hate it passwords are hard to manage. Everyone needs a password manager to avoid the dreaded password reuse, and to be able to quickly rotate them with a service. I use lastpass, thus it's browser extension is my most used extension.



Stylus is an extension that allows you to add your own CSS to style pages how you want. There seems to be a full community of folks that really use this to the nth degree to style all of their commonly used sites somewhat similarly or add dark mode to sites without it.

Personally I mostly use it to add my favorite syntax highlighting theme to jupyter, onedark. I've long lost the original author, but have posted the CSS I use in this gist



Vimium adds vim-like keybindings to chrome. I don't use it a ton but it comes in handy to fully utilize the keyboard on some sites that aren't well suited to keyboard use.



Hypothesis is a notetaking app that I am trying to get on board with. I like that they have a REST API to get your notes from. It allows you to take notes or highlight web pages and share them easily. I am still trying to remember to use this one more.


These are my most used extensions. What are yours?

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thefluxapex profile image
Ian Pride

Nice, I love Stylus, I've written a handful of themes over there.

I use the Brave variant as my primary so it's still the Chrome store and I mostly use OneTab, Tiny Suspender, Ghostery, Ublock (combined with my HOSTS file). When in Linux I use the Gnome Shell Extensions extension.

janmpeterka profile image
Jan Peterka

LastPass for passwords.
Toggl for time tracking.
Notion for saving articles.

Passive (hidden):
Tab for a cause - raising money for charity without work.
HTTPS Everywhere - maybe not needed anymore?
Canvas fingerprint protection.
Grammarly - as non-native English speaker this is amazing.

No adblock since using Vivaldi, which has build-in :)

tylerauerbeck profile image
Tyler Auerbeck

I use a ton that are already in this list, but one I see missing is FoxClocks. This is great if you're working with folks across a number of timezones and don't particularly care to do the TZ math everytime you want to try to schedule a meeting or check to see if it may be a bit too early or late to ping them on something.

riidom profile image

I use a "remove cookies from current site" extension, then Decentraleyes, DDG Privacy Essentials, GoFullPage (website capture to pdf), Tabiverse (look it up), of course a RSS feed reader, and G.Lux (because #FFFFFF is my enemy).

jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel (

Yes ! It's a godsend that Firefox on Android has adblock.

People, give Firefox on Android a try!

silentkernel profile image
Ludovic Frank

The most used for me :

  • Wappalyzer : To know wich tech is used by website / apps
  • Colorzilla
  • 1Password