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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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gh repo create

I love getting faster in my workflow, something I have recently added in is creating GitHub repos with the cli. I often create little examples of projects, but they just end up on my machine and not anywhere that someone else can see, mostly because it takes more effort to go create a repo. TIL you can create a repo right from the command line and push to it immediately.

gh repo create waylonwalker-cli
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want to see what this repo I created is about?

Check out what I created here.

pipx run waylonwalker
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Jordan Gregory

Just as an addition, if you are working within an org with teams, you can just as easily make private repos and add teams to it with:

gh repo create <org>/<repo name> —private -t <team>

Also: if you start in an initialized git repo and run the create command, it will ask if you want to go ahead and add the new repo to the remotes which is really fantastic.

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Waylon Walker

very helpful! The GH cli is amazing!