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Is the DEV yaml frontmatter broken or changed?

I often opt for using the yaml frontmatter of dev rather than the UI as it is easier to replicate from other posts in a similar series. Today I copied one, hit write a post and it did not pick up my frontmatter and told me I couldn't save without a title.

title: "What Did You Learn This Week --May 15?"
tags: todayilearned, discuss
series: this-week-i-learned
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Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Was there a change to how you use yaml frontmatter, it clearly still works on my old posts?


This is what I see when I post how I used to.

Unable to make post with yaml frontmatter

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Ben Halpern

^ Looks like you have the non-frontmatter editor in the screenshot.

Did you change this in /settings/ux?

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Waylon Walker • Edited

Looks like that was it. I do not recall changing this. For some reason I feel like in the past with the rich editor it would automatically change for me if it saw the frontmatter at the top. Thanks for the fix, this definitely works for me.

Looks like I was set to Rich + Markdown