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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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My rocky road to data science, turning my biggest hardship into an advantage

This day 8 years ago I started my first day as a Mechanical Engineer. I am so grateful for this journey that I have been able to have. There is no way that I could have planned this journey from the beginning.

Keep Learning

My initial career plans were down a completely different path. I have been very flexible in taking on a new career path. I have been eager to learn new things and respond to life changes that I never would have imagined.

Life Changes

Very severe chronic health issues from my family restricted my ability to travel to the facilities I served as a Mechanical Engineer. I was able to stay strong and make it work. But in the meantime, I was learning new skills that enabled me to be more effective remotely.

I was scared.

It was in these times that I found a love for data, and taking action from insights I found with data. I learned how to use python to enable me to be more effective. I did this primarily from hospital waiting rooms and many overnight stays. This gave my mind a break from some of the really difficult things in life but also catapulted my career in a new direction.

πŸ”Ό Be flexible

πŸ”Ό Always be open and ready for change

πŸ”Ό Never stop learning

πŸ”Ό Keep a positive attitude

πŸ”Ό Be kind to others

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Saeed Ahmad

Great one, Waylon!