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Learn blockchain with Web3Coach

Lukas Lukac
I train devs how to program full-stack blockchain apps on Ethereum with {Go, JS, Smart Contracts, IPFS}. StackOverflowing for 10+ years
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Hey community!

I am excited to share with you my new Twitter channel designed for developers, focused on blockchain TECH, what is it, how to get started and master it.

All my material is split into comprehensive small chunks, visual blocks and published on Twitter. Using this strategy, you can traverse advanced topics block by block even with your busy schedule and still master the concepts.

The first 2 blocks are live as of today! Voilaaa!

Block 0, genesis:

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Block 1: What is blockchain?

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If you like this structure and would love to learn more, follow me on Twitter, leave comments. All the content will be based on your feedback, completely free with the goal of improving the technical reputation of blockchain and bringing more developers to the ecosystem.

Do enjoy the blocks!

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