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Observations from my first week as full-time IndieHacker after seven years of 9-5 coding

Hi there,

2020 is the year of everyone going crazy on indie hacking, building bootstrapped products, starting paid newsletters, and launching podcasts.

I jumped on this boat myself, but this time with full steam ahead. Full time. I quit my job to teach blockchain programming - no more hobbies or side projects.

Last day at work

I want to share my top two findings from the first week as an indie-hacker with you.

1. There are no rules

I find myself surprisingly lost - in a good way. As someone who loves structures and rules, waking up at 9 am for the stand-up, for years, it feels peculiar NOT to HAVE TO.

  • When do you want to wake up? Up to you!
  • What do you want to work on? Up to you!
  • How are you going to implement this product? Up to you!

Do you want to play CS:GO for 10 hours? Ok. Do you want to work for 16 hours? Ok.

This sounds fantastic until you realize that your day's structure has a direct impact on your earnings :)

Exciting because there is no cap on how much you can earn, but also a bit stressful because you may earn 10 000$ this month, or 0.

2. You are the entire company

When you start indie hacking, you will probably be a solo founder. A developer with a good idea? Well, congratulation! You are now also a product team, marketing team, sales team, and potentially a legal team.

You soon realize that the tech is probably the least of your problems :) Coding is the easiest part! You already have experience in solving technical challenges. But that's now only 30% of your workweek compared to the previous 100% as a dev employee (depending on what you are building ofc).

Ultimate freedom comes with the ultimate responsibility - as superman would say.

Why becoming an IndieHacker?

Well, the answer will vary from person to person. That's the beauty of it - there are no rules.

I left my comfy job bc I want to acquire a new marketing, business skills, and bring more devs into the blockchain ecosystem.

Follow me on Twitter if you are considering this journey or want to learn more about self-employment, indie-hacking, and my current obsession with blockchain programming:

What about you? Did you try entrepreneurship? Are you considering it?

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Lukas Lukac

Thanks will!

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Mladen Ružičić

Wish you all the best on the new journey! Update us from time to time with the progress ;)

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Lukas Lukac

Thank you Mladen! Will do, definitely on Twitter and if I have more things to share via blog post here.