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25 CSS Menus (+ Animations) 🚀

A good user flow contributes enormously to a successful website. The content, positioning and appearance should therefore be well thought out. Here you will find some inspirations for your own navigation menu!

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After the Top 20 CSS Buttons were very well received by you and I got a lot of positive feedback, here is the continuation: Top 20 CSS Navigation Menus!

Sometimes there are "normal" menus in this list, for a very simple reason: Usability comes first and then appearance. Even "normal" menu bars can look very chic. With the right effects and animations they also become a real eye-catcher.

The same applies to mobile representations, also called "hamburgers". Both desktop and mobile menus are available.

All navigation menus are published on and are not mine. Therefore the author is always linked. Let's go!

#1 Cool Nav Menu Hover

Author: Hans Engebretsen

#2 The real Hamburger Menu

Author: Gabriela Johnson

#3 Slide Menu

Author: Danny Beton

#4 Accessibility menu

Author: Lee Kiernan

#5 Button Menu Concept

Author: James Truhlar

#6 Icon Menu

Author: Graham Pyne

#7 Snap.svg Menu animation

Author: romagny jerome

#8 Standard Nav Bar

Author: Justin

#9 Half-page Menu

Author: mp_graphic

#10 Standard Menu 2

Author: Selcuk Cura

#11 Nested jQuery Dropdown Menu

Author: Dustin Dowell

#12 Portfolio Icon Nav

Author: Ridho Ahmad Batubara

#13 Fancy Hamburger Menu

Author: Naim Jeem

#14 More fancy Menu (Hover) Styles

Author: Abdullah Al Amin

#15 Another Dropdown Menu

Author: Rath

#16 Scroll and highlight Nav

Author: Jason Waller

#17 Circle Nav

Author: Corey Roth

#18 Burger Animation + Slide In Menu

Author: Valentine

#19 Sliding Menu

Author: Florian-Gropp

#20 Another Circle Menu

Author: Pierre


➡️ See the rest of the menus on my blog ❤️

Top comments (17)

qservicesinc profile image
QServices Inc

I like #2 the real hamburger.

mrtung profile image
Mr Tùng

but just like :)

rmnvsl profile image
Roman Veselý

Those really remind me the good old days of Flash 🎄

webdeasy profile image

Flash was great...some years ago 😂

douglasfugazi profile image
Douglas Fugazi

Really enjoyed this post. My fav was #19. Thanks for sharing.

webdeasy profile image

Thanks for your feedback!

k_penguin_sato profile image
K-Sato • Edited

2 The real Hamburger Menu


pradeep7695 profile image

It's Really Awsm and Cool..
easy and fun..

 -Happy Codig :)
amir profile image
Amir Meimari • Edited

Great article with lots of examples. thanks!
but i'm kinda into modern design with svg and cool animations and stuff!
is there any more resources about that kind of navigations?

webdeasy profile image

I don't know any more. Maybe a search for "svg menu" or something like this can help you. Or better: make a request on or/and twitter 😊

weshulsizer profile image

I really like #10, but it's a bit off losing the scroll bar. I might also try matching the menu/close icon and paired text animations match a little better.

archeelux profile image
Arturs Timofejevs

I really like #15!

nandoblanco profile image

That hamburger one is GREAT but the real gem here is the accessibility menu. Definitively saving for future reference.

webdeasy profile image

Right! It has a much better usability. How I said there are some awesome fancy menus but also useful menus. 😊

jefferyhus profile image
El Housseine Jaafari • Edited

Loved every menu :D

aa82851391 profile image

Nice work! Share this components on BoxCoding

huynhit92 profile image

I am hamburger lover so #2 is the best