Video or Blog tutorials: What do you prefer?

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Hey there! 😇

It affects all of us! We are not superhumans 👽 and therefore often have to fall back on our friend Google. We are simply not omniscient.

And we watch many tutorials on the internet every day. And that's exactly why I want to know which medium you prefer: Video or Blog Tutorial?

My Opinion 🙏

I used to be a huge fan of videos. However, that has changed over time. I now see the advantage in statistics and graphics of a blog entry. And that you can choose your own speed.

What about you? 😎

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Both can be used during different scenarios according to me. For me blogs are a way to go to grasp a deep meaning about a particular concept but for a video well it is when I want to implement a concept that i have no idea about really fast.


That's right. It's easier to visualisze a concept :)


If I'm learning some new programming language or tool I prefer their original documentation but if they aren't well explained or boring then I switch to videos(I spend a lot of time to search for quality tutorials on youtube because many famous channels provide same basic content and I don't like quality of their content) and if failed to find one I switch to website tutorials(stack overflow is the place to find right tutorial).

While working on a project, articles and blogs focused on particular topics are places I like to visit. :)


If it's something new to me and has very technical, and low ux documentation I get a udemy course usually because they're well thought out. Then I consult the blogs when I need more in depth explanation until eventually I refer to the official docu when i do the project.

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