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Sebastien Auriault
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The best programming language

Quick note

This article presents my vision of things. I'm a deep lover of getting in a programming language, understanding in detail how it works behind the scenes and using it in the most clean and performing way as possible.

The beginning

During the first two years of my developer career, I kept searching for the perfect programming language that was the most popular, had the best future and could easily do what I like, which is web development. I wasted so much time just looking at charts, blogs, Google trends, etc. I would switch too often between things like languages, frameworks, frontend, backend, devops and feel like I cannot accomplish anything. I also spent time learning things that I didn't actually enjoy, but was still doing it just because I read that it was trending and important to know as a web developer. I had a job that mainly used a specific programming language, which I then read online that it was dying, had no future.. that would make me crazy. Even if it was only one of a thousand articles, the single negative article would make me worry. The feeling of wasting time learning something that would be useless later.


Until one day I finally realized that I wanted to focus on doing what I actually enjoy, which is backend, Ruby and some JavaScript. So I quit the job where I was a Full Stack Web Developer using Python, Django and VueJS. I also had to do frontend design, which is something I'm terrible at and have no interest in. Of all the languages that I've used, Ruby was/is the one that I had the most fun programming in. It might not be in the top 5 most popular but it's what I enjoy. Ruby went down in popularity after its peak round 2006 but it now has a stable and friendly community.

Don't get me wrong, learning any language will still have its uses as you get general programming knowledge. But there are so many things that you can learn in a specific language like frameworks, libraries, new ways of doing things, etc. Even after years of using only the same language, you will still have stuff to learn.
As for frontend vs backend vs devops, also there you will have plenty to learn with just one of these.
Having a general idea of what the others working with you do can still be useful. For example, if you love designing, just having a quick idea on how frontend works with the backend can help. But don't spend too much time on that and focus on what you enjoy.

Don't listen to people telling you that you need to know everything or tons of things to be a real developer.
Or that focusing on one language or two languages is really bad, just do what you love, the rest will come along the way. You will probably have to use different programming languages like JavaScript during your career but it will come by itself.

If you like being Full Stack or learning multiple programming languages, sure you can do that.
But if you're like me and have a preference for something like backend and one or two specific programming language. Focus on that, not only you will have more fun working but you will also learn quicker and be more motivated in general.

I still use other programming languages like JavaScript, but I believe that having a focus is better for me.


Stop doing only what's trending or what others think if you don't like that and do what you actually enjoy.
Don't worry too much about what will be more popular in years but think about the present.

I would love to hear what you guys think about this!

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Shaiju T

πŸ˜„, I used to have questions like which language is better ? After discussing with my friends and listening to people online, I realized that Its better to stop asking these questions. Instead start asking which tool is better for current Job and Trend.

Choose the right tool for the Job.

  • Based on your experience, you can use C# or Java for building enterprise and large applications.
  • Instead JSF you can think of using Anuglar orReactorVueetc. for Front End.
  • Python for Machine Learning.
  • Go for Micro Services based performant applications.

In future maybe today's Languages and Framework may be outdated, so to survive you will be forced to learn new language of that time.


  • Developer Happiness, stick to the language which make your life easier, like easy to read syntax, maintainable, has Good IDE. I like C# for current work, and its up-to you to decide what you like.

  • Its always good to be Open to learn any language as required and Choose the right tool for the Job.

Hope this helps.